Pop-up Book Printing

CM Printing provides numerous options to ensure that your pop-up books are produced with quality materials and production techniques to ensure the safety of your end users.  Select from a wide range of paper stock sizes, materials and binding options to meet your requirements.

Our competitive prices save you 30-50% as compared to domestic printing services.  With these savings you can meet your budget while printing colorful and high quality children’s pop up books.

Our use of Eco-friendly printing products and top quality material result in hardcover children’s books that are safe, colorful, durable and affordable.  With our hardcopy proofs and our extensive experience in printing children’s books, we are confident that MCRL Overseas Printing will become your one stop printing shop.


Here's how we do it

The process of producing pop-up books or any pop-up item is a complex one. In the case of a book, it all starts like any other kind of book, with an idea. The pop-up content is decided upon with author, editor and designer and then the pop-up designer or paper engineer can begin work.


Pop-up books and hardcase books are made by hand



Pop-up Book Sample




Pop-up Book Sample
Printing in China Taijie Packaging Printing Factory can help you significantly lower your book printing costs (by up to 60%) when printing books of all genres overseas in medium to high run quantities.


We're direct China Printing Factory, produce a full range of book types in styles from traditional to cutting-edge – whether it is a backlist title for a major publisher, or the debut title for a yet unpublished author. The same quality craftsmanship is brought to bear on each book we produce so it can be a treasured work of art, or residual profits that keep publishers’ customers coming back for more. We work hard every day to reinforce your satisfaction and loyalty.

Minimum Book Printing Orders

Our MOQ is 1000pcs per item:

For full-color book printing, to realize noteworthy savings the minimum order required for using book printers offshore would be 1,000 copies.

  • For single-color book printing, the minimum order is 5,000 copies.

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CM Color Printing Comapny: A professional book printing services and box printing services provider in China, specialized in Book Printing and Packaging Boxes Printing. we can print all kinds of books, packaging boxes, magazines, catalogs, and CD's in high quality at low rate.
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